Friday, August 15, 2008

#8: Spear Brand Ordinary Scissors

Maker: Spear Brand
Model: Ordinary Scissors, JD611-JD616
Materials: carbon steel
Year: Modern
Length: various
Description: Spear Brand is a modern makers of scissors based in China. The scissors are listed here for two reasons. One is that they are functional, attractively designed and inexpensive. If you want small-bladed scissors with a slightly different look these might fit the bill. The other reason is that the style shown here might easily be mistaken for/sold as vintage rather than modern, so be aware.

spear brand ordinary scissors

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  1. This site was very helpful. I have been cleaning out the office of my step-father who not only collected various things, but was an architect also; I never know when something is old or new, valuable or not. Thank you!