Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grow Light Safety

The lesson I learned yesterday is that a 150 watt plant-growing full spectrum light can start a fire. I had my cuttings growing on the end of the table I use for art and crafts stuff (see third picture in the post below this one). It fell down onto the jewelry holder I keep beads and scraps in. Within a few minutes it has started a fire. Fortunately I was home and could catch it in time. A few minutes later and I would have gone out and not returned for hours. Lesson of the day: 1) wire the lamp in place rather than use the clamp it comes with, 2) put it in a place where it cannot fall onto flammable material, and 3) replace the batteries in the smoke detector.

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  1. Holy cats! I'm just glad you and the puppy are okay. That's really scary.