Monday, September 15, 2008

#15: Equity Shear Co Shears

Makers: Equity Shear Co, Newark
Model: Unknown
Materials: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Length: 30cm/12"
Description: As shown. Remanants of both green and black paint on the handles. The makers stamp is very faint but seems to read 'EQUITY SHEAR CO NEWARK'.
Estimated value: $1


  1. I see these 12" shears made by Equity shears of N.J. and you think they are worth only $1.00...well, if they cut ok and are sharp enough to do some needed work,to me they are worth $100.00...!!!! I have a pair of 10 1/2 inch shears made by Equity of N.J. and would NOT sell them for $500.00 These shears are a treasure to me. So where do you get the $1.00 price.????

  2. It is based on what they are currently selling for online.

  3. p.s. If someone wants to pay $500 they can certainly have my pair.

  4. I have an associate who is in textiles and I will gladly pay the $1.00 price times five which is five times their value and I will pay the postage so that I can give them to her. Is that OK Emily.????And I refer to that pair that is on display in this article. 12 inches long or the equivalent.!!Emily Veinglory !!!What a nice name, I never heard of one as such..!!!And are you in textiles Emily.?????Thanks for reading my comment.////

  5. $5 is certainly within the range of prices I am seeing. IMHO there number of people using tools like these has shrunk, making it a buyers market right now. I bought the pair above fairly recently for $2 plus shipping. A good deal.

  6. This was made by J Wiss & Sons. Equity Shears Co was a promotional line. I do not know what dates the name was used.