Monday, August 18, 2008

#9 (a-c): Unknown Red-Handled Scissors

Maker: Unknown, Taiwan
Model: Unknown
Materials: Unknown
Year: Vintage? ~1960s.
Length: 20cm, 8"
Description: As shown. This model seems to be very common.
Value: ~$5
3 examples in collection


  1. Early 50's Multi-purpose sissors
    1. Blades are grapefruit web cutters -kitchen sissors
    2. Bottle cap opener
    3. center jaw is for screw-on bottle tops like food coloring, spice bottles, any small top that dries up and is hard to open by hand. May also be used as a nut cracker for fresher nuts for baking.
    4. Last is the tip that looks like a screwdriver but is for opening the spice tins, coffee tins, and even a paint can.

    A note about the web cutter - you 1/2 a grapefruit then you cut the web around the center of the core and cut the stem at the base - open up the sissors and use the serated edge to seperate the vains from each side of the fruit/meat from the rim to the center - it makes a mess if you do it backwards - than a little sugar sprinkled over to taste. TEN

  2. Goodness, it seems i had some of the uses wrong. Thanks for enlightening me :)