Monday, October 12, 2015

Modern Scissor Review: Rimei 999 Multi-functional Detachable Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors - Orange

Rimei brand 999 Multi-functional detachable stainless steel kitchen scissors (orange) generally sell for $5-10. They are a good deal at this price.  The tines do come apart easily for easy cleaning, which is a big plus for kitchen scissors. They do not come with instructions so I am honestly not sure what some of the parts of it are meant to be used for. 

I use these as my general purpose kitchen sheers and they have worked well for opening packages, cutting herbs, and other lightweight food tasks.  The bottle opener is serviceable but small and requires careful positioning.  The nutcracker is probably not worth trying if you don't want to hurt your hands.  The overall design is pretty inelegant, but these scissors are a decent deal given their low price.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scissor Storage Ideas

I have a lot of scissors but they are mostly stores in various ugly boxes.  I have been looking at various options for storage and display of scissors.  Some of these ideas are collected below. I am not sure what could work for a collection of scissors that vary in size, weight and design.  Maybe I will need to use a combination of options. I am certainly open  suggestions.

Premade Scissor Caddies

Home Made Scissors Caddies

Repurposed holders: